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— did it take J. K. Rowling to write the Harry Potter series
—Over 15 years.
A. How soon B. How often C.How long D. How far
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I don’t care how you do the job. I only care it can be done. Just give me a date!
A. where B.when C.what D. why
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Tom! You re no longer a 3-year-old kid. I can cook dinner for you,but don’t expect me to dofor you. Go and tidy your room!
A. everything B.something C.anything D. nothing
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They promised that they me look for my key until it was found. But they soonwalked away.
A. will help B. have helped C. would help D. had helped
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There’s one taken by the River Seine these photos. Can you find it out
A. except B. including C. betweenD. among
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6—I’ve just received a Wechat message - “ttyl”. Do you know
—It stands for “talk to you later”.
A. how does it mean B. how it means C. what does it mean D.what it means
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We all have our time machines, don’t we Those that take us back are memories. And thosethat carry us are dreams.
A. behind B. forward C. away D.round
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I won’tany more of your time. But would you give me a direct “yes” or “no”
A. give up B.take up C. make up D. put up
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—How can Julie say bad words about me I thought we were good friends.
—Who told you that Friends need
A.courageB. distance C.trust D.shame
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Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance,youkeep moving.
A. can B. must C. can’t D. mustn’t
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- Here's a present for you. Happy birthday, sweetie!Open it.
—Wow! An iWatchThank you so much, Dad!
A.What a surprise B.What surprise C. What awasteD.Whatwaste
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This fruit terrible to me, so I’ve never tried it. But my mum loves it.
A tastes B.tasted C. smells D. smelled
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Here we are in India. So why not try on the saris, dear
A. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. B. No pain, no gain.
C.You’re never too old to learn. D. Practice makes perfect.
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一 Hey, man! Can you believe that The Chinese Football Team won the match last night!
— They haven t won a single match in the past two years.
A. No doubt! B. What a pity! C. Guess what D. Are you joking


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A few years ago the company I work for sent my wife and me to live in New York for a year.I’ve always loved jogging, so I was really 15 when I found out our flat was next to CentralPark. This 16 that every morning I could go for a run before I went to work.
Because a lot of people had told me to be     17    of thieves (窃贼)in the park,I didn’tusually take anything with me. What could they       18    from me if I didn’t have anything? Butone morning my wife asked me to buy some19 on the way home so I took a $ 10 note out ofmy wallet.
While I was running through the park, another jogger  into me. He said sorry andcontinued running. I thought it was a bit 21— so I checked my pocket and found that the moneywas missing. I started to run after him right away. I _22_ caught him by his arm. I started shouting and told him to give me the $10. Tm not usually a _23_ person but I really got veryangry. This seemed to frighten (惊吓) him and he quickly put his hand in his pocket and gave me the money. Then he ran away as fast as he could.
I bought the bread and went home. As soon as I got there, I began to tell my wife my story.“ You won’t believe what happened to me ,”I     said. She stopped me, “ I know. You left the money for the bread on the kitchen table.”
15.A.angryB.happyC. guilty D. curious
16.A.madeB. explained C. meant D. proved
17.A.carefulB. sureC. proudD. afraid
18.A.hideB.borrowC. stealD.receive
19.A. coffeeB.milkC.fruitD.bread
20.A.bumpedB.looked         C.turnedD.moved
21.A. crazy      B.natural        C.strange        D.rude
22.A. suddenly   B.finally       C.politely         D.slowly
23.A.cold-heart   B.warm-heart   C.cool-headed     D.hot-headed
24.A. started     B.addedC.insistedD, doubted

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Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Eveningby Robert Frost
Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
25. This is most probably      .
A.a play      B.    a poem    C. a storyD. a notice
26.What season does it describe?
A.Spring.    B.Summer.     C.AutumnD. Winter.
27.Which of the following words rhymes with “though”?
A. Snow. B.Near.    C. Lake.D. Deep.

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The people below all want to find a radio programme they could enjoy listening to this ek. There are four radio programmes to choose from. Decide which programme would be the mostsuitable for the following people.
For questions 28-30, mark the correct letter (A-D) on your answer sheet
Nora likes pop music. She wants to listen to a live show, and would also enjoyhearing interviews with some of the pop stars.
Paul enjoys listening to good modem dramas. He works long hours during the week,so he can only listen to the radio at weekends.
Mr. Swift teaches history and likes listening to people talking about his subject. However, he hates shows which invite listeners to phone in.
Radio Programmes We Recommend This Week
A.History Team
This Wednesday, a team tries to prove that people lived in the rocky hills of their areathousands of years ago. Dr. Clive Sparky describes what they find. Listeners can ring in andask him questions, and discuss their own interests and discoveries.
This is a perfect programme for lovers of new plays and music. On Saturday, listeners have thechance to hear the prize-winning play Machines. Composer Jack Williams will play his latest,piece for classical guitar.
C.Before Our Time
On Saturday, this weekly programme includes the first part of a documentary series about thediscovery of a l5th-century village. Professor John Frost and his team will talk about what life was like for the villagers.
D.Out and About
Hear all the latest in the world of pop and rock, including a week of major concerts as theyhappen every evening, coming direct from Birmingham. After each concert,listeners can alsohear singers answering questions about their music.
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Delia was a young pianist. Her husband Joe was a talented young painter. They lived in a small flat in New York.
Each of them was taking lessons - Joe with a famous art teacher,and Delia with a great pianist from Germany. They were the best teachers, so lessons were expensive, more than they could really afford,but …when you love your art,nothing’s too much.
But soon, the money began to run out and they couldn’t afford the lessons any more.
Then one day Delia came home and told Joe that she had met a man. The man s daughter, Sally, wanted to learn the piano — and he was going to pay her $50 an hour.
“Delia,” Joe said, “I’d be much happier if you kept up your lessons. ” Delia said that it didn’t matter. She said, “When I’ve made some money, I’ll start again. When you love your art, nothing’s too much.”
A few days later, Joe came home and proudly took $200 from his pocket. “I met a man from Vermont,” he said, “who bought one of my paintings. And he wants to buy more!”
Then, one day, Joe came home and saw that Delia’s hand was burned. He asked her what had happened. “Oh,” said Delia. “My student, Sally, asked me to pour some coffee for her. So I did - and I dropped the coffee and burned my hand.”
Joe sat down and told Delia to sit down too. “Delia, what have you been doing the last two weeks?” he asked. She took a deep breath and started to cry. “Oh Joe — I couldn’t get any students so I got a job in a coffee shop. And today I burned my hand with hot water. So I can’t work any more. I’m sorry,Joe - but we’ll still have money from the man in Vermont, won’t we?”
Joe looked at her. “There’s no man in Vermont,” he said. “I haven’t sold any paintings. I’ve been working in a drugstore (药店),and today someone came from the coffee shop to buy cream for a woman who’d burned her hand. So when I saw you — well,I guessed.”
They both laughed. “So we’ve told each other lies,” said Joe. “But when you love your art ..,”
Delia put her fingers to his lips (嘴唇). “No, Joe,” she said, “just ‘When you love ...’”
31.How did Joe most probably feel when he first knew about Delia’s plan?
A. Proud but a bit afraid.   B. Excited but a bit angry.
C. Curious but a bit sad.    D. Cheerful but a bit worried
32.What did Delia want to say in the end?
A. When you love your art, you can’t tell lies.    B When you love someone, you can t tell lies.
C When you love your art, nothing’s too much.   D When you love someone, nothing’s too much.
33.Which of the following can best describe the coupled life?
A. Full of joy        B. Full of love.       C.Full of lies    D. Full of surprise

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Rock art is the name given to pictures drawn on rock by ancient peoples. In the AmericanSouthwest, rock art can be seen on the walls of caves and mountains. Many of these places are in the Four Comers area, where the states of Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico meet. More than7,000 rock art places have been found just in Utah, where the area’s dry climate (气候)has helped keep the art.
There are three forms of rock art. The first is petroglyphs,which are pictures carved (雕刻)into the surface of rock. A sharp (尖利的)stone may have been used as a carving tool. A heavy stonemay have been used to hit the sharp stone into the surface. The second form of rock art is pictographs, which are pictures painted on the rock. The paint was made from plants and trees. The artists painted with fingers, brushes made from hair, or bird bones. The third kind of rock art is geoglyphs, which are designs made in the ground by taking away stones.
Some rock art shows faces, hands, animals, and trees. Other pictures are symbols such as lines, circles, and squares. Some scientists think these symbols marked the location of water or good hunting grounds. Some think the symbols were put there during special celebrations. Others think the symbols showed the movement of planets and stars. Still others believe that they are just doodles.
Some rock art may be a form of writing. Large scenes are shown on mountains. Some scenes seem to tell a story. A hunting scene may include animals and people with hunting tools. A scene with many people holding hands could mean friendship. Rock art in caves may have been a way to decorate the artist’s home.
Some rock art in the Southwest is about 200 years old. Other rock art may be 10,000 years old. Scientists think an ancient people called the Anasazi created the older works. They were farmers and lived in caves.
34.The writer mainly wants
A. to introduce an ancient art form       B.    to describe pictures drawn on rock
C. to tell the history of a certain area    D.    to solve the mystery of old symbols
35.According to the passage, what are "doodles" probably like?
A. They are carelessly written or drawn.      B.    They show different symbols.
C. They are carefully chosen or designed.    D.    They have special meanings.
36.What can we learn about rock art?
A.The artists were usually farmers and lived in caves.
B.It requires special paint made from plants and trees.
C.Most of it describes the daily life of ancient peoples.
D.Utah has the largest collection of it in the Southwest.
37.What can we infer (推断)from the passage?
A.Petroglyphs are the easiest to be washed away by rain.
B.Artists of modem times can copy rock art rather easily.
C.The works created by the Anasazi must be pictographs.
D.Places like rainforests are not ideal for keeping rock art.

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38.Quite a lot of teenagers have no idea how to   (处理)with stress.
39. Sometimes to take the            (领先地位)is easy, but to keep it is hard.
40.So far, the                (仅有的)witness is a computer engineer,who worked late that night.
41.Stay with us. The concert will be covered      (直播)in five minutes. Don’t go away.
42.The                  (win) of this year's Young Star Award is ... Daniel! Well done!
43.The famous bookshop      (lie) on Charing Cross Road in London in the 1940s.
44.We are still                     (sure) now when the UK will leave the European Union at last.
45.Listen! The boss is shouting again. Has he ever said anything       (peaceful)?

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46.Do you really want to do this, my boy? Think twice! Or you (regret) it one day.
47.The world’s best Go player Ke Jie   (lose) all the three games to Google’s AlphaGolast month.
48.Cheer up! A mistake today stops you from      (make) it again tomorrow.
49.— Will the president attend the meeting?—Well, that      (depend). He may not have the time.
50.How about going to the cinema tomorrow? We      (not be) there for a while.
51.— You seemed busy when I walked past. Have you got a minute now, sir?
—Sure. I (write) a report. It’s done. So, what’s up?
52.We shall work harder together to build a stronger, better China - a country that our childrenand grandchildren are proud  (call) home.
53.These brightly colored bicycles can be seen everywhere. They     (lock) by the userafter riding, and then unlocked by the next rider with a mobile phone.

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Did you know that years have their own colors? Pantone Color Institute is an organization thatgives companies advice about color. And every year,it picks one that represents trends (趋势)ininternational culture.
This year,Pantone’s color is a bright shade of green that it calls “greenery”. Greenery makes people think of nature and growth. The color represents hope of changing one’s life for the better orcare for the environment.
Red, orange and yellow are considered “warm” colors while blue,green and purple are “cool” But greenery has elements (元素)of both; it s green, but it also includes a lot of yellow. This makesit able to go well with many other colors.
Pantone’s researchers start choosing the color of the year about nine months before the year begins. They look for a color that is already being used more and more often. To decide the color 〇f the year, they look beyond fashion and home decorating. They study art, movies and lots of other things. They pick one color they expect to stay popular and announce their choice in December for the following year.
You’re likely to see greenery a lot in 2017. When you do, let it encourage you to enjoy nature and start something new.
Title: Greenery, the Color of the 54

Who picked the color?

An organization 55Pantone Color Institute.

What is the color like?

It includes both green and yellow. so it 56 many other colors.
It represents hope of changing for a better life or care for the environment

57    is the color chosen?

Pantone's researchers start choosing it early each year.
They look for a color that i$ already getting more and
more popular.
They do a lot of research in different areas before they
make the 58

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  1. 别去烦她!此事与她无关。

Leave her alone! It_       her.
Now, some old towns
No more discussions on this matter. I
The actor acts so well    a real detective.
Believe me. You’ll realize              others sooner or later
He          a cup of coffee before work since many years ago.

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正能量(positive energy)      世界冠军(world champion)

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