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Explore the possibility of using the iPad App Store in the classroom.
App Name: Bridge Constructor/Cost:$1.99
Bridge Constructor lets players build increasingly challenging bridges over deep valleys, canals and rivers.  Stress tests reveal whether the bridge kids build can withstand continual use from cars. trucks, and more recently, super - heavy tank trucks.  Players can choose from among a range of bridge - building materials such as wood, steel, cables or concrete pillars(混凝土柱).Each bridge also has a budget, and there are numerous ways to successfully complete each challenge.
App Name: Tap the Cat/Cost:$2.99
Tap the Cat appeals to younger students'  natural sense of playing with a wide variety of
activities. Students can match spaceship letters, drag letters to make words, match words to pictures and build their vocabulary. Each activity will keep them motivated and engaged with colorful animations, catchy music and reward screens.
App Name: Pyramids 3D/Cost:  $13. 99
The interface allows users to fly around the plateau where the pyramids and the Sphinx are located at Giza near Cairo.  Interactive, three - dimensional maps let students wander around the labyrinthine tombs and passageways. Users can examine wall paintings in detail, or view royal statues and o:bjects with a 360 - degree feature.
App Name: Grammar Up/Cost:  $ 4. 99
Grammar Up is a multiple choice quiz system for English grammar. Kids and adults can learn most quickly when playing learning games with real - time error feedback, which Grammar Up provides. The app also offers students practice tests so they can see how much they've learned. A summary is presented at the end of each test, showing time spent, score, and questions answered correctly and incorrectly. The results are also emailable.
21. By playing Bridge Constructor, you can           .
A.  advance your ability of building         B.  build a real bridge any time you like
C. save a large amount of money            D.  try many ways to become suecessful
22.1f someone is interested in Egyptian culture, he/she may choose              .
A. Bridge Constructor     B. Tap the Cat      C. Grammar Up      D. Pyramids 3D
23. The text is meant to        .
A.  show the development of modem technology
B. compare the differences among the iPad Apps
C.  introduce some practical Apps to the students
D.  offer some helpful tips to buying some cheap apps
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Once Chinese students in American schools were largely limited to graduate students. Gradually that trend shifted, with more students coming from China to earn bachelor' s degrees at American institutions. Now, the population is widening once again, with many Chinese students studying in the U, S. from ever - younger ages.
Bill Zhou, a resident of California, though born in Shenzhen, and his wife are currently housing just such a student: Hsu, also from Shenzhen, who is living with Zhou (a paid arrangement) while he attends a private, religious institution. .
Although Zhou is caring, he knows there are many people taking advantage of the trend
who lack conscience. In a Lost Angeles Times article, Zhou described his reservations about the current system.”They don't know if the school is good. They don't know if the home stay is good. But everyone else is doing it, so they do it, too," Zhou said, addressing the parents of so - called parachute(降落伞) children, who earn the nickname by "parachuting" into the U.S. by themselves, unaccompanied by family.
Based on statistics, Zhou has reason to be concerned. A recent article in Sixth Tone', stated that the number of Chinese students enrolled at U. S. secondary schools increased from just 647 in 2006 to more than 46,000 in 2016. Those numbers are reflected in Chinese society and even popular culture, where a new television drama titled " A Love for Separation" was released several months ago.
"It is a common misunderstanding that studying in a private American high school is easier than in China, a mother told. " My son is under enormous pressure to compete with accomplished peers. He was very lonely during his first year of high school, and found it hard to assimilate into an unfamiliar environment. "
Chinese parents send their teenagers abroad for varieties of reasons. For some students, it is to escape the strict Chinese education system; for others, it is a second chance to recover from bad grades or a low score on China's college entrance exam. For still others, it is simply a lifelong dream.
24. What's Bill Zhou' s attitude towards the trend of growing parachute children?
A. Positive '    .  B. Indifferent      C. Concerned       D: Opposed
25. What does the underlined phrase " assimilate into" in Paragraph 5 mean?
A. show respect to   B. get rid of     C. take advantage of    D. fit in with
26. Which is not the reason why increasing parents send their little children abroad?
A. They just follow the crowd.     B:  They just show off their large treasure.
C. They want their children to break away from Chinese education system.
D. They want to give their children with poor grades another chance to succeed.      .
27. What' s the author' s purpose in writing the text?
A. To help these parents to choose a reliable home stay.      .
B. To remove these parents doubts about studying abroad.  .
C. To encourage these parents to send their kids abroad as early as possible.
D. To remind these parents to be more sensible before sending their kids abroad.    .
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    There is an island called Kitava, way out there in the Pacific Ocean, in the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea. It is one of the four main Trobriand Islands with a total population of 12,000 native residents.  Rich with culture, surrounded on all sides by clear blue water and abundant rainforest, Kitava is as apealing as it is remote.  But it has more to offer than good views.
As Byrdie reports, Kitava is also home to a people whose diet and nutritional habits remain healthy, untouched by Western influence.  A lifetime of not knowing the sweet, sweet sensation of the salt from a potato chip hitting the roof of your mouth has done more than just spare Kitavans from illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular disease; it's also given them a lifetime of smooth, acne(痤疮) - free skin.
In a study of l',200 subjects - including 300 teens and young adults - conducted by a team led by medical doctor and professor Steffan Lindeberg over 843 days, not one breakout was reported. They also found that genetics played little to no role in the results.
In fact, the average Kitavan diet is fairly common. It' s simple, with no " miracle fruit" or " rare nut" to speak of, and Kitavans don' t even exercise much. That diet consists mainly of yams( 山荮) ,  sweet potatoes,  and taro (芋头) , local fruits (namely coconut) ,fish, and vegetables.
But if you're already pulling out your suitcases and drafting a resignation letter to your boss, you might want to slow your step.  For one thing, the closest airport is over 700 miles away from the island, so good luck getting there. And consider this: do you really want to move somewhere where you'll be the only person with acne until the diet kicks in? I don't think so.
28. Which are the contributing factors of attracting visitors to the island?
a. Rich culture .    b. Clean white sand     c. Thick rainforest  
d. Clear blue water  e. Romote tribes
A. abc       B. acd         C. bcd        D. ade
29. What accounts for the fact that the Kitavans own good skin?
A.  They don't like eating salt. .          B.  They enjoy varieties of rare fruits.
C. They are sick of exercising.      .     D. They follow simple but healthy diet.
30. What is unlikely to be included in the Kitavans' diet?   .
A. Taro            B. Fish              C. Potato chips        D. Coconut
31. What can we learn from the last paragraph?
A. Think twice before moving to Kitava.
B. Don’t hesitate to quit your job and move there.
C. One can reach Kitava by plane without difficulty.
D. Anyone will own acne - free skin on stepping on Kitava.
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Are you still worried about overcharging for your luggage over the weight limit? An " Airport Jacket" containing up to 15kg luggage is designed to help frequent flyers bypass(绕过)  airport baggage queues, reduce baggage fees and really lower the risk of lost luggage.
" With airlines beginning to charge for carry - on baggage as well as severely limiting 10aggage allowances for the low fare economy traveler, my partner and I have designed a jacket that can wear your laptop,  tablet,  two pairs of shoes,  a pair of jeans,  five T - shirts, a jumper and a camera," designer Claire Murphy explains.  "It totals 14 deep pockets, including 8 pockets at hip length, 11 pockets at three - quarter length and 14 pockets at full length. "
. Claire and Benke Murphy came up with the idea while traveling home with their newborn child. They had so much extra carry - on luggage that the airline tried to charge them $ 140 for it, more than the cost of their tickets.  So they had to put clothes, chargers, diapers and toys into their pockets, until just over the weight limit.  They escaped the tax, but everything sticking out of their pocket saw a pretty uncomfortable plane ride.
However, people have been raising questions about the usefulness of the Airport Jacket, especially the trouble of going through security checkpoints. They are arguing that having to take all out and then putting them back into the pockets is not worth the few tens of dollars you save on a checked luggage.
But Benke claims that walking through airport security is not an issue as long as you follow guidelines for carry - on luggage. " It only needs to be worn when checking in and at the boarding gate. What' s more, Airport security is not looking at how you store your luggage but checking its contents. "
Its makers are currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, trying to raise  $ AU100, 000. But they've only raised $ AU3, 675 so far, although they still have 37 days to go, so it's still hopeful And even if this fails, they may still find a way to get it to market.
32.  What's the least possible benefit of using the Airport Jacket?
A. it may cut down on the luggage fees.
B.  it may decrease the risk of losing luggage.
C.  it may save the time of passing long queues.
D.  it can guarantee you a comfortable flight service. .
33. What does the paragraph 3 mainly discuss about?
A. how much luggage the couple carried
B. how luckily the couple avoided overcharging
C. how the designers got their inspiration
D. how painful the couple's flying experience was
34. What can we infer from this passage?
A. The pockets of the 'Airport Jacket have 28 in total.
B. Not all regard the Airport Jacket as a perfect invention.
C. Crowdfunding is the best way to collect money you need.
D. Airports now begin to limit the number of economy travelers.
35. What will the author probably mention in the next paragraph?
A. Their kinds of anxiety and fear facing failure.
B. Their possible measures to market their product.
C. Their sharp and powerful attack against those opposed.
D. Their attempts to improve and enlarge the production capacity.
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Things to Know Before Adopting a Dog
The idea of giving someone a puppy for Christmas provides a warm fuzzy response for most people.  36  Pets carry a lot of responsibility, but they reward their owners with years of love and devotion.
Be Realistic About How Much Time You Have
In a busy world, full of work, soccer games, and family dinners, time is more precious.  When adopting an animal it is important to consider how much time you have. to devote to training and caring for it.  37  If you have plenty of extra time to devote to a pet, a puppy is a good choice.
Think About How Much Space You Have
Large dogs naturally require more room than small dogs. They need big yards to run in, or a nearby area where they can go for longer walks.  If you live in a small apartment on an upper floor, this can be a problem.  38  Smaller dogs take up less space and are often easier to transport up and down stairs and in elevators. If you have a large home with a big backyard where your dog can run and play, then a larger breed may be a good fit for you.
If you have small children, a patient dog with a high tolerance level is necessary. Kids explore with their hands, and they are likely to touch, tug, pet, and crawl all over the new dog. In this situation, you need to choose a dog with an easygoing temperament-who will not become frustrated and bite.  40 
A. Consider the Other Pets in Your Home
B. Choose the Right Dog for Your Situation
C. However, adopting a dog is not something to be taken lightly.
D. A puppy requires a lot more time and attention than an older dog.
E. Walking around a small space with a Labrador underfoot can be frustrating.
F. Adopting a dog rather than buying one benefits both the animal and your family.
G. Breeds like Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and Border Collies are well known for
their family friendly attitude.
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    Mr. William remembered to buy some bananas after he left his office. It was  41  cold outside when he saw an ill -looking old lady selling bananas on the street across. He usually shopped in a grocery shop a few  42  away from his office but as he was in a  43  to reach home today, not intending to go there.
Quickly he  44  the old lady and she offered $7 per kg. Mr. William said,” But the store where I usually buy sells them for$5 per kg, why not the same price?" The lady said,” No Sir, I can not afford to  45  that price. $6 per kg, and that's the lowest.’’ Shaking his head, he left in his car towards the  46  grocery shop.
After picking up a good  47  0f bananas there, he was surprised when the cashier told that price per kg was $10. He told the cashier,” I have been buying bananas from here only for some years and cant you offer me a better deal for being a  48  customer?"The manager overheard him and told Mr.  William,’’Sorry Sir, but our prices are  49  ,we do not bargain.”Mr. William felt a little  50  with that flat attitude, and put them back.
Mr. William returned to the poor old lady and  51  $ 20 for 2kg. Unexpectedly she only accepted  $ 12. Afterwards learning she had to sell his husband's fruit shop to  52  his medical bills and had to sell the bananas to survive, he felt inspired and  53  many of his colleagues to buy fruits from the lady. And with the  54  from Mr. William an, other warmhearted buyers, she made a better living.
All too often we  55  to go shopping in big malls or big grocery shops, We always. pay the fixed price without  56  That is fine  57  we all have our own choices. However, we need to 58  a moment and think that why we have no courage or reason to bar gain while shopping at big shops and why we try to bargain .  59  with small street sellers?Think wisely. Always be  60 and supportive to someone who works hard to earn an~ has a need for it.
41. A. burning       B. freezing       C. frozen         D. bitten  .
42. A. blocks     .  B. cities          C. towns         D. parks
43..A: mess         B. sense         C. moment .  .    D. hurry  .
44. A. assessed   .   B. appointed      C. approached    D. applauded
45. A. buy          B. fit            C. get            D. match
46. A. common     . B. usual          C. normal        D. general
47. A. bunch        B. pile           C. cup           D. band
48. A. modest       B. honest  .      C. loyal .  .       D. considerate
49. A. understandable B. focused .       C. reasonable     D. fixed
50. A. bad          B. well          C. good          D. scary    .
51. A. offered       B. supplied       C. provided       D. reported
52. A. spend        B..deal'          C. cover          D. charge
53.. A. attracted     B. drove          C. removed       D. recommended
54. A. permission    B. supplied       C. invitation .  .   D. demand
55. A. choose       B. intend         C. risk '          D. demand
56. A. dealing .      B. paying    .    C. bargaining     D. wondering
57. A. even if   .    B. as            C. unless       . D. once
58. A. save         B. set          C. spare .        D. select
59. A. heavily       B. quickly      C. totally        D. slowly
60. A. awful        B. careful       C. useful        D. helpful
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    Many fourth graders would panic in an emergency situation,  61  one Pennsylvania nine - year - old is being called a hero after discovering a  62  (die') man and knowing exactly what to do to save his life. This past Friday, Owen Sambol  63  (head) home, from school on a cold, snowy day when he heard a faint noise that sounded like someone crying for help.  64  hesitating, he ran behind the house to see where it was coming from and discovered  65  man lying face down in the snow.
The little boy tried his  66  (hard) to pull the man up, but he wasn't strong enough. Instead of panicking, he told the man he would get his mother,  67  is afire-fighter, and come right back for him. Mom Ashley Sambol called 911 right away, then pulled the man up and carried him into her home because she was afraid he had hypothermia(低体温)after  68  (leave)in the snow for so long.
“I take  69  (proud)in him," Ashley said about her son, who stayed calm and saved a life that afternoon.” Had he been out there any longer and who knows.’’  70  (thank), the man was rescued just in time and is now healing in the hospital.
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    Hello, I'm Li hua, chairman of Student Union. We' re going to organize a bicycle trip to our school farm on this Sunday. It was located in the western suburb, covered an area of about 50 acres. There are different kinds of cattle raised and various vegetable planted, without some harmful things in the feed or the fertilizer.  The products are provided for the school canteen, which we enjoy a health diet.  On the farm you can combine you have learned with practice to the fullest.
You are expected to arrive there at about 9 o'clock, Remember: following the workers and don't try to do anything strange to interest the animals or do damage to the plants during my visit.
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    假如你是李华,你的英国网友Forbes打算抽空到中国学习太极(Tai Chi),他写信向你求助,请你根据下列要点给对方写一封回信:
1.介绍学太极好处;  2.负责联系学习地点和老师;
Dear Forbes,
Li Hua



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